How to lay resin bonded driveways

Laying a resin bonded driveway is easy when you know how. If you are not comfortable with driveway laying yourself, it is always best to get an experienced driveway installer to do this job for you. Nevertheless even in the latter case, when choosing an installer and monitoring the installation process, it definitely helps to understand how this process ought to look. So, below you will find a step by step guide to laying a resin bonded driveway correctly.

Knowing the difference between ‘resin bonded’ and ‘resin bound’
Both resin bonded and resin bound driveways involve the use of both an aggregate such as gravel and a sticky resin. The resin helps to hold the aggregate in place. With a resin bonded driveway, a layer of resin is laid down first and then the gravel is laid over the top of it. With a resin bound driveway, however, the resin and the aggregate are mixed together and then spread over the driveway as a mixture. With a resin bonded driveway, then, there is an extra step involved: the resin needs to be laid down carefully first before the gravel layer can be added. For more information you could ask advice from – an installer who specialises in both resin bonded driveways and resin bound driveways.

Step 1, preparing the base
Before you even start with the resin, it is essential to have a good base for your resin bonded driveway. Tarmac or concrete makes a good base: this will need to be solid and smooth. Make sure that there are no cracks or potholes into your base. Remember, though the base will not be visible once you have resin bonded your driveway, its quality will definitely be felt. A smooth and robust base is essential if you want your driveway to stand firm and to look professional too.

Step 2, laying on the resin
Resin will usually come as three separate ingredients which you then need to mix together yourself. This is because resin dries quickly when it is mixed up and so it is best for you to mix it up on site and then spread it quickly and evenly over the base. Try and work relatively quickly to prevent the resin from drying out before you have added your aggregate. Only a thin layer of resin is needed here – just enough to coat the base – and more often than not a specialist applicator will be included with your resin when you buy it.

Step 3, spreading on the aggregate
Take your gravel and spread it over the resin until you have a nice smooth, even coverage. You can do this by hand or using a specialist spreader – whichever suits you best. Use more aggregate than you initially think you need: once the resin has set and lost its stickiness it is much easier to sweep away excess gravel than to try and fill in bare patches.

The finished product
And now you are done! All that you need to do is to let your driveway dry and set and then you can get ready to use it. The wheels of your car may even help the process along as they will pack down and smooth out the gravel.

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